Data Recovery Tools You Can Choose

No matter where you look these days, you will most likely see a computer in use. At home, in the office and even in other public places, such as hospitals or hotels, a computer cannot be absent. It is used to store important data, such as company credentials besides other data. Yet, can you possibly imagine what will happen if such important data is lost, be it on purpose or incidentally? Well, there is no questioning that this would mean chaos, right? This is why some developers choose to spend a lot of their time and develop such computer programs as data recovery tools. As can be expected, its purpose is to help people get their lost files or data back. Yet, before people can start trying to recover their lost data with the aforementioned tool, they will first have to download the tool in question onto their computer. The tool will then have to be installed first in most cases. Some, however, does not require any installations whatsoever.

CD Recovery Toolbox

Speaking of such a tool, there is the CD Recovery Toolbox, to begin with. This one will work like a charm in a lot of Windows operating system versions. Whereas other tools out there may no longer support Windows 98, this one does. It still works perfectly on Windows 98, 2000, XP and above. Unfortunately, the only drawback about this particular tool is that it can only recover data from optical discs. So, if the data you accidentally delete or lose is on your hard drive, you will have to find another solution.


Unless you happen to have accidentally deleted or lost your data, you are less likely to be familiar with the software dubbed the Recuva. Well, now is your chance to meet one of the best tools ever in the world when it comes to retrieving lost data. A lot of users out there report that Recuva comes with a comprehensive user interface. Don’t worry, though, as the interface is reportedly quite user intuitive.


Another alternative that people can always take into consideration as well is the Puran File Recovery. One of the best things about this data recovery tool in particular is that it is reported to have a better ability to detect a large range of file types. This gives the tool the ability to detect what other tools can’t. The device is known to work well with XP and higher version of the Windows OS.